Essay: How to structure Introduction and Conclusion

Essay: How to structure Introduction and Conclusion

Good Essay Writing techniques from How to structure Introduction and Conclusion of an Essay guide

Essay writing is a crucial skill and it is taught in almost all middle schools and high schools. Anyone can write an essay, but writing a good essay needs prudent skills. Essays are important tools in the academic world as well as internet marketing. It can be considered as a piece of writing that mostly shows the writer’s view on a specific topic. There are many different kinds of essays which include formal, informal, narrative, descriptive and persuasive essays. Essay writing is upfront if you approach it in a structured way.

Essay writing is not completed if it does not have an overwhelming introduction and endearing conclusion. Introductions and conclusions are the key parts of an essay. Introduction serves as the fundamental aspect which gives the persuasion about the whole essay.

In introduction writing, begin with a knock out. Start with the words which attract the reader’s attention. Use a paragraph which will be the sure hit for the whole essay. Recommended from To take a good start, try revealing the main information about your topic. Or you can use anecdotes, which illustrate the main points of the topic.

Use different dialogues relevant to the topic, which entails the important explanations. When you are writing a formal essay, you should add few sentences citing the general points of the topic. This will be the summary information which will lead the readers towards the core of the essay. Complete the introduction paragraph by using a thesis statement.

In conclusion writing, you should use a paragraph of three or four sentences, just like this article in our website Avoid long and descriptive ending paragraphs. Though, these sentences should be essential enough to end your essay with strong wordings to impress the readers. Make sure to highlight the main statement of your essay in the conclusion section. Nonetheless, conclusion is the writer’s last chance to convince the readers.

Once you are done with writing the conclusion, check your entire essay for spelling and grammatical errors.